Aluminum Foil Boats


Goal: Try to answer or at least cause wonder with the question below:




This lesson is all about:


The hard part is associating heavy objects with the ablity to float on water. d = m/v is a simple formula, but it takes a while to see how that enables a 2 ton steal boat to float on water.

For additional, challenges have the students try to minimize the aluminum foil to the point that it sinks.

Lastly, point out that boats need to do more that simply float. They have to be stable even in windy and wavey conditions. The cargo challenge will test how stable their boat. Making it more stable will most likely cause it to hold less pennies.

Steps: Boat Challenge

NOTE: It is really hard to make aluminum foil sink in water since it wants to create lots of crumpled air pockets. Those crumpled air pockets make it less dense.

IMPORTANT: To show that the material really wants to sink. Wrap a few pennies within the aluminum foil, and then drop it in. It will sink really fast.

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