Science Saturday Mommy Style

science setup

Science Saturday with a Mom.

Backyard science with common household equipment. Goal is to show that science is:

Optics / Light Lessons:

Chemistry Lessons:

Physics Lessons:

Electronics Lessons:

Food science


One Hour Fun:

Chemistry 101

Shows how elements have different physical properties than a molecule made up of those elements. Then explore how the ratio effect the physical properties of the molecule with H2O and H2O2.


This has two parts (total of four lessons). It covers solubility vs. mixtures and how thermal energy (which can causes increased diffusion) affects the solubility of a material in water.

Part I:

See how different material disperse into water to make a solution or mixture. Also see how thermal energy affects how the material disperses.

Part II:

Water Solubility of solids and gasses as a function of temperature. These two experiments should go hand in hand. As temperature increases gasses want to dissolve OUT OF of water; however solids want to dissolve INTO the water.

Density 101

Stars: Why we look out

We look out to discover more about ourselves and our planet.
By looking out into the stars we learned how plasma work and discovered helium 30 years before it was found on earth using a spectroscope.


Watch on YouTube ONLY

There are cool experiments out there that one should not do at home but they are still pretty cool. Below are experiments that you should just watch from a safe distance.