Lasers and Jello

Not quite Sharks With Lasers.
However, jello makes an excellent medium that kids can use to design and create lenses to explore properties of light.

Laser Jello Laser Jello
Internal Refraction Angle change

In honor of Dr. Donna Strickland

2018 Nobel prize winner in Physics for creating the technique of Chirped Pulse Amplification(CPA) for lasers, where a laser is pulsed over a short time to increase it’s power!


Explore properties of lenses and light


Challenge Materials (Optional)


Easy and safe

Mess Factor

High. Disposable table cloth should be used since you will get Jello everywhere.


Do add a challenge, otherwise this becomes pure play. Which is not bad, but if you want them to learn more then a challenge is needed.



Bend light 90 degrees and hit a target

Bend light 180 degrees and hit a target.

Laser Jello